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Ivy Vine #1: Flower Power

Improving our personal wellbeing in a locked down world, one stem at a time.

My whole working life before truly embracing my love of flowers was spent prioritising wellbeing. To be more specific, it was my job to preserve and safeguard the wellbeing of families in our community. It was up to me and a hardworking team of others to possess a deep understanding of the negative impacts affecting some of the most vulnerable.

Despite this appreciation for wellbeing and its importance, never more so than in 2020 have I needed to think harder about the power of flowers and the impact they can have. Starting Aspen & Ivy in the middle of a global pandemic has opened my eyes to how much we all sometimes need a boost, regardless of how convincing we may be at staying upbeat around our family, friends or colleagues over Zoom calls. A small pick-me-up can make all the difference and make a tough week a slightly lighter shade of grey!

Flowers have definitely been a source of power and positive wellbeing for me recently in more ways than one and it really gives me a lift to see this has also been the case for many others. Looking back through the majority of my gift orders, both clients and gift recipients have highlighted the positive impact the flower gifts I’ve put together in our garden have had on their mood, health and general happiness.

I've had lots and lots of requests over the last 6-9 months from people who would like to send a gift of hand tied bouquets in Chorley or nearby areas to cheer a friend or loved one up. Right now it goes without saying we need to be there for eachother - even if we can’t physically see people in-person. Even if we feel cut off from the people we care about, we need to do what we can to lift them and help them through the difficult times we are all experiencing.

These kind and thoughtful gestures have been lovely to witness first hand and play a small part in.

There is so much information and multiple studies out there that prove flowers and plants have a healing effect on those who receive them as a gift or simply keep them in their home and working environment.

Some of the benefits of having flowers and plants within the home and office that have been identified include boosting our mood and well being, easing stress and optimising our creativity and productivity.

But it's my wonderful customer and client feedback that is keeping full of enthusiasm and energy this October.

I'll leave you with some of the lovely comments I have received from my customers and gift recipients that really made their day. I'm looking forward to sharing some random thoughts and updates with you on this blog as time goes on. Have a great October and keep smiling at the small things in life that make you feel good.

Jenna x :)

“Thank you so much. I have just received a message from my friend, she loves them and they have made her day as she’s really had a tough time of it lately.”

“I have just received some of your beautiful flowers from my sister last weekend and I would like to send some to a couple of my friends to encourage them in this season.”

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers you delivered, my friend absolutely loved them and they definitely did the job of cheering her up, so thank you.”

“Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers for my mum, they were just what she needed when returning home from hospital, they really made her light up and thank you for accommodating the special request of sunflowers a little out of season I know.”

“I love all the flowers you have chosen for my vase, I can’t stop looking at them they make me feel so happy when I see them, and they smell divine.”

“Just the perfect gift to make my daughter smile, thank you so much.”

“My mum was so so happy to receive a pretty arrangement at the care home, we’ve really missed seeing her and she said they smelled lovely, thank you for adding extra scented florals in for her I really appreciate it and I’m sure they cheered her up.”

“Thank you so much for the gorgeous bouquet. I’ve got so much enjoyment out of seeing and smelling every single stem in the arrangement and what a lovely surprise.”

“My friend received her flowers and sent a message saying how beautiful they are and they’ve made her day, thank you it sounds like she loves them as much as I loved mine.”