A bit of background info on me and why Aspen & Ivy started.

  • How it all began

    ”Great storms make even greater rainbows.”

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    Hello, I'm Jenna :)


    I’d like to tell you a little bit about how Aspen and Ivy was created, as it’s been a journey I wasn’t ever expecting to be on but no truer words have been said for me over the last eighteen months than ”great storms make even greater rainbows.”


    In 2019, when a long standing hobby of mine collided with a creative streak (I didn’t know I had) Aspen and Ivy was formed.


    I’ve always been a person who enjoys a good social gathering or outing. Even more so I love being around people. One of the elements that I really loved when hosting and organising social events for myself, friends or family was the planning and the organising of the event. Everything from the major parts through to the fine details that only I would seem to get excited about!


    Bringing a vision together from start to finish, plus seeing the memories this creates is when you'll find me at my most happy...


    You might be interested to know how all of this turned into a more professional use of my time. In my previous line of work, I found elements of it unbelievably rewarding, but it came with those stressful moments that seemed to intensify to an extent that I starting looking for moments of escape, distraction and relaxation. Getting creative with floral arrangements and embracing how decorative logs could be was really cathartic and just made me feel generally happier!


    Now is probably a good time to explain the logs...


    It wasn’t just the process of carving the natural wood, foraging in the woods for foliage or sourcing seasonal flowers, it was being able to lose myself in my new found creativity and producing something artistic, unique and naturally beautiful for others and myself to enjoy and appreciate.


    Wood has always been a key part of my whole life. Being a daughter of a tree surgeon played a large part in my new career change.


    Since retiring from his life long career working with the trees and local woodland beauty spots, my dad Neville has been a huge part in this creative transition of mine. Nev’s wood yard holds host to an array of woodland delights that are hand selected, cut and carved for each log design.


    The timber at the yard from tree surgery work carried out by Nev and my brother usually gets its secondary lease of life at Aspen & Ivy. This ranges from the bespoke floral logs you'll find in my online shop, to the creative designs for weddings and events. Historically, it would just be fire wood delivered locally or made into something weird and wonderful - usually conjured up by myself as Nev rolls his eyes at another wood creation he knows he’s going to have to aid with!


    Once they’ve been cut into their designated forms by Nev they make their way to my wood workshop at home, where I prep and perfect them ready to be merged with their floral accompaniments.


    Once I’ve created the complete piece it goes to its new display destination where it can be enjoyed over and over by others, Whether this is for someone’s wedding, baby shower, birthday or a feature within someone’s home, it genuinely makes me really happy to see them take pride of place.


    I just thought, what could be better than turning your love of event planning and styling along with log floristary into a unique and bespoke business in your local area?


    And so here we are. Aspen and Ivy was formed and I love and enjoy every single element of my job today, so I’m a very happy lady.


    I’m absolutely positive that these natural beauties will bring you or a special someone the enjoyment they bring me whilst creating a bespoke and unique statement piece in any environment.


    I'm looking forward to talking about your next gift idea, wedding or special event.


    Thanks so much for reading :) x